We help deliver the circular economy, breaking the old cycle of:

Make – Use – Throw Away

Replacing it with the new cycle of:

Make – Use – Reuse – Recycle and Make Into Something New

We help to save the planet, and make the world a better place. Recycling metal uses much less energy than smelting ore and bauxite etc., and consequently creates considerably less CO2 emissions, which cause harmful global warming. We are champions of the environment and metal recycling, and offer educational support, including recycling centre visits to organisations involved in the education of young people, to highlight the importance of caring for the environment, and how metal recycling is important to the world. NLL’s founders have over 50 years’ experience in metal recycling internationally. The company is the biggest investor in metal Recycling in Newfoundland, and uses state of the art equipment and facilities, and the latest working practices, meeting high environmental and safety standards. We are a local firm, providing jobs for local people, but we are also outward facing, connected to the wider world, and a player in a truly global industry / sector. Our people are our greatest assets, they’ve got passion and enthusiasm, and care about the work they do. We value teamwork and collaboration. NLL has created an eco-system of valuable partnerships, to support our operations, through every part of our value chain. We are proud to be the official metal recycler for the City of St John’s.